With $110,000 raised in the last 11 years thanks to the generosity of those attending the performances, countless lives have been changed. And this year will be no different. Help us make a real difference in the lives of orphans in Africa as we raise money to build a Home for Agnes.

In 2003, the Gift of Christmas decided to start collecting donations of food items at our productions for local food banks (see image on right from 2006), but the general public seemed interested in giving cash as well, as a thank you for coming to the production. Since Bethel Church does not wish to charge for the event, our committee decided to support local organizations by giving every cent given at the production to a charity.

Roger’s House was our first contact in 2003 and we were excited to take this on. After advertising on our flyers and an announcement during the production, $14,000 came in to support Roger’s House. In 2004, the community was invited once again to give to this charity and over $18,000 was donated. In 2005, we partnered with CHEO for eight performances and the Children’s Wish Foundation for one performance. Over $27,000 was given to CHEO and over $4,000 to the CWF. In 2006, an astounding $34,500 was raised for CHEO over the ten performances, and Max Keeping from CTV Ottawa joined Fred Bartlett, President of CHEO, to accept the cheque. In 2007, we were delighted to present a record-breaking $37,000 to the Children’s Wish Foundation. Last year, we proudly gave the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Support Program a total $30,000, thanks to the donations of those who attended the production.

Click here to see larger versionOn November 27, 2006, Karen Solomon, host of A-Channel Morning, made a surprise appearance during the first dress rehearsal for that year’s Gift of Christmas. She presented five committed volunteers with the “Community Builder Award” from the United Way. The award says “Thank you for being an Everyday Hero. For helping to build a stronger, more caring community for all of us.” The five people, Wayne Mosley (Production Manager), Kathy Blakely (Director), Allen Tough (Light Programming), Paul Dearden (Lighting), and Terry Triemstra (Sound and Construction) have been with the production since the start.

The production continues to grow as does the generosity of the people of Ottawa and surrounding areas.

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